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Full Version: Suzuki dr 750 idle gear starter
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Ahoj. Ich brauche die Teilenummer 12611 44 B 02 für DR 750. Können Sie mir helfen? Neue können nicht gekauft werden und werden nicht mehr produziert. 

Vielen Dank
It helps if you write in English.
He wants a starter gear  for the Big that looks like this https://www.cmsnl.com/products/gear-star...261144b02/
Can anyone help this guy out from faraway Bratislava?
Hi. Sorry I write using google translator and probably translate German
Yes, this is exactly the part I need.
I have a gear box here i'm sure i'll have that , let me have a look later
It`s a starter clutch intermediate gear, not a gearbox cog Spen.
Hi Bob, I've been in contact with Ferdinand as I have a spare #1 starter gear. I'm off to a bike meet in Czech next week, so I'll post to Slovakia from there.
Well done Dave. I have a spare but it`s a real pain posting to Europe because of Brexit.
Čau ľudia. Ďakujem veľmi pekne dave#22, že si mi napísal a za jeho pomoc. Kúpil som motor a predajca povedal, že je v poriadku. Ale v skutočnosti je to šrot a koleso je tiež šrot. Nechal som sa oklamať.
Good news, Ferdinand has the #1 starter gear, it was handed over to the Czech rally organiser last weekend, he posted it when he got home and it was delivered on Thursday.

The meeting we went to was for Moto Guzzi Enduro, with 81 bikes for the Saturday ride....very pleasant.
Nice people, but the food's a bit basic.
Well done Dave. I have a spare but posting from the UK involves lots of paperwork due to bloody Brexit.