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Full Version: DR600 Wiring Queries
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Hi there, new member here looking for a bit of advice.
I bought an official 1986 UK model DR600 back in March this year as it was too good a deal to turn down, despite being a bit rough. 
I decided to "restore" it having first checked that it ran fine, gears selected fine, the usual basic checks. 
I then stripped the whole bike ( excluding the engine ) down to nothing and have done a frame up restoration thereafter.
The "original" wiring was a bit a rats nest with bits added on, probably for accessory fittings but I removed the unwanted, non original sections, tidied it all up and its now back on the bike. 
Every works fine regarding lights, warning lights, horn etc and I'm virtually ready to start the bike so decided to check to see if I had a spark at the plugs, which I haven't.
Now this was one of those things I was anticipating being an issue because one of the previous wiring "mods" related to the CDI module, I did'nt make a note of it and 6 months on I can't remember what it was ! 
This "mod" also makes me think that the CDI module is not the original item. 
The one fitted now has a total of 11 wires coming out of it, whereas the original, according to the Official Suzuki Workshop Manual wiring diagram, has only 7, although I have discovered that there was a choice of 2 different CDI modules for these bikes, denoted by a single and twin mount fixings, mines a twin mount fixing.

I've managed to "find homes" for 8 of the wires by virtue of previous obvious connectors but I'm at a loss as to where the three remaining wires ( with a multi plug connection ) go but I do remember when dismantling the bike that a wire was rigged up from somewhere ( the bit I can't remember ) and connected to one of those 3 terminals and thats where I think my dilemma lies.

Another discrepancy between the bike and the manual is that mine has a 9 wire "loom" coming from the magneto, whereas the factory wiring diagram shows only 7 but again, I have found homes for all 9 wires, again by virtue of previous logical connections.

One other issue that appears a mystery is that the Ignition wire ( black / yellow ) that effectively runs from the ignition switch to the CDI module is not "live" coming out of the ignition switch with the switch on ( surely that should be the case ? ) meaning that when checked at the module end connection, there is no power.

I have taken a direct live from the battery to the black / yellow Ignition wire on the CDI Module but still no spark at plugs.
When I say spark at plugs, this is with the plugs out, attached to their leads, earthed and I'm "kicking" the bike over by hand.
I've also linked out the kill switch to illuminate any issue with that as thats also not an original item, though in fairness was working fine before the strip down.

I'm not an electric's expert by I'm no means a complete novice either and bearing in mind the bike did work fine before dismantling. 
I'm not suspecting any component failures / defects, its more a case of sussing out wiring that has deviated from the factory script, possibly because of a non standard CDI module being fitted ??

Bit long winded but if any of this rings any bells with anyone better versed on the electrics on this model, by all means chip in with any suggestions before I bite the bullet and take it to a motorbike electrics specialist but that would be giving in and against my nature !

I have fond memories of my old DR600, shame about the appalling front brake, the crude suspension and the propensity to try and break your leg every kick over.
I would be inclined to replace the loom with a new one if it has been severely messed with.
Normally they would have been unobtainable for many years but I know Robinsons have some at a very sensible price.
Put 36610-14A into here https://www.robinsonsfoundry.co.uk/shop/...-order.htm
I think £70 for a new loom is a veritable bargain
There were 3 different CDI units on the 600 32900-14A10 or 14A11 is for the 86/87 model so you can check if yours is compatible
iirc your ignition switch was the same as the DR125/200 of the same period so a cheap one here might be useful https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284430431116?...xycmBSsbSh check that the wiring is the same. OE item is over £100!
Hope this helps 
Thanks for that, I'll contact Robinsons and see if one's suitable for my model. That is indeed a bargain !
Discovered that a wire had come adrift of its soldered joint on the back of the ignition switch.
It's the original Suzuki item so is past its sell by date, having ordered the very same same you referred to.
Thanks Again.
UPDATE: Brand new wiring loom and ignition switch duly fitted but back to the CDI unit dilemma.
See photo's of the CDI unit that was fitted to the bike when I got it and which to all intense, worked fine, albeit with a non standard wire connecting to one of the 3 pin multi plug wires and going to some where now forgotten !
Does anyone recognise this CDI unit as being one fitted to another DR model ?

This CDI unit also has a particular single Grey wire coming from it which is not accounted for on the OE CDI unit and as such neither in the standard OE wiring loom. 
It was connected via an add on single wire to a corresponding Grey wire coming from the Magneto loom, again, this Grey wire is neither accounted for in the new loom, nor detailed on the factory manual wiring diagram for a DR600.

As standard, there are 7 wires coming from the OE CDI unit which in turn, through the loom, connect to 7 wires coming from the OE Magneto.
All this leads me to believe the possibility that at some previous stage, the Magneto and CDI unit have been changed to non standard parts ( for that year of DR600 ) possibly, to those from a later model DR, not necessarily of 600cc capacity and the wiring modded to suit.

I could get a new repo CDI unit to the OE 7 wire spec but that would leave me nothing to connect to the "additional" Grey Magneto wire which must have some purpose.
I could also refit the non standard CDI unit that has the additional Grey wire that I can run a corresponding wire to the Grey Magneto wire but that still doesn't solve the 3 pin multi plug wire issue.

Ring any bells with anyone ?
Does the CDI unit in the photos match anyones later DR model ?

Again, bit of a faff to get over in words but hopefully someone gets the gist.

Err for some reason my photos are not showing ..............I click "choose files" at New Attachment, select a file, click on Add Attachment, it appears to go through a download, I press Post Reply but no photo shows ?????
Is it a photo size issue ??
Has anyone here got a late 80's DR600, '88 - '89 ?
If so, can someone do me a favour and have a look at your CDI unit and let me know how many wirings are coming out of it.
You should have 11 wires coming out if my investigations are correct
I think I have this later CDI unit fitted to my '86 model instead of the 7 wire CDI unit that was OE.
(14-09-2021, 08:41 PM)dillsix Wrote: [ -> ]Has anyone here got a late 80's DR600, '88 - '89 ?
If so, can someone do me a favour and have a look at your CDI unit and let me know how many wirings are coming out of it.
You should have 11 wires coming out if my investigations are correct
I think I have this later CDI unit fitted to my '86 model instead of the 7 wire CDI unit that was OE.
I know I am a bit late to this thread but some dr 600 have 1 pick up in the magneto and some have 2 .This was done to help with starting.
This is why some cdi have more wires than others. You can tell which you have because the covers are slightly different. There is an extra
bulge on the 2 pick up version.