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Full Version: DR Big wanted
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Hi Guys,
I'm new on here and looking at maybe getting a DR Big. 
Did try to look for a DR350 but too many piles of rubbish for exorbitant prices.
I had a DRZ 400 enduro brand new in 2000 was a good bike but not what I want.
Does anyone have anything for a reasonable price?
Thanks in advance.#

I live in Kendal, Cumbria.
Bigs are getting thin on the ground now so finding a decent one for decent money won`t be easy.
There are a couple of us on Bigs coming up  your way to Broughton in Furness at the beginning of July if you want to meet for a chinwag.
I aso had  DRZ and DR350 and wish I`d kept them.
Thanks Bob for the reply, sorry for the late response I'm offshore and the internet is crap.
I don't know when ill be home although i would have liked a chinwag.
i will keep looking for a DR of some size. I did see a coupe of 650s on Ebay but not sure of parts on these as they were imports.