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Full Version: Bst33ss pilot jets
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I was trying to replace pilot jets on my dr.
Im not sure did i get all of the old one out.
But the new one dont fit in the tube.
What to do?
[attachment=1922 Wrote:Janir pid='25382' dateline='1609541201']Hello.
I was trying to replace pilot jets on my dr.
Im not sure did i get all of the old one out.
But the new one dont fit in the tube.
What to do?
Hi, looks like you have a problem...I presume photo 1 is the new jet, photo 2 is what came out, on an easiout or similar and photo 3 is trying to fit the new jet?
It looks as if the remains of the jet is still in there....I can't tell from the photo, but the jet that's come out, is it threaded?...if not, I seem to remember early DR750 pilot jets were set in and not removable.
If the hole is threaded, the depth of the hole from the top of the tube to where the jet taper sits is approx..24mm.

Hope it helps.

ps...did you work on both carbs, or just the one?
Those are originally pressed in jets.
I started whith one carburetor, the one whith clogged pilotjet...
I have never seen a “pressed in” jet removed so can’t really tell you by the photo if the entire jet has been removed or not.

I would assume that if it has, you would see the same diameter aluminum hole going all the way into the carb.

If that is the case, then the carb body would have to be tapped so the new jet can be threaded in. Those jets also sit on a taper inside the carb to seat. Dunno whether there is a “step” cast inside your carb body to allow that.

I know that Stefan Hessler (Hessler motor sports.com) in Germany has the ability to drill out and tap the older SR41 carb bodies. You might ask how he does it and what jets he uses for replacement. You might at least get the correct tap size from him.

Let us know how you get on.
Well, it looks to me like you have three options ...
1...make a new pilot jet...easy enough if you have machining facilities..std jet size is #40, but #45 may be better.
2...drill and tap the existing carb to fit a std screw in pilot jet...I can work out the sizes and taper angle if required.
3...get another carb with preferably a screw in pilot jet.

Good luck.
I don`t think it is possible to remove the pressed in jets that are on the DR750.
You need to clean out the hole in the jet with a very fine piece of wire which less than 0.15mm diameter.
Thank you vey much all of you.
I will look into carbs as soon i haw time.

Now i need to separate starter cluch/gear from magneto...Smile There is allways something.
A new starter clutch is over 400 euros! 
You could try one of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SUZUKI-DR-750...Sw3ydVtUdX
I managed to get it out.

I drillet the pressed pilotjets out. It was not a hard job , but it was a nerv wrekking task to do for precious carbsSmile

Thank you all for advices!