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Does anyone know the correct outside diameter of the standard DR41 (Dr750) fork springs?

Racetech wants to send me 34 mm springs but I’ve tried a 34mm pair from my Africa Twin......tooo large.

Need the correct OD.

Thanks in advance.
Hi Ray
Will post the measurement up when I get home from work.
Did you ever get anywhere with that plex valve from Aus?

Plex valves were not the correct size for our forks at this point.

Actually, knowing the correct fork spring diameter will allow me to re-contact them with more accurate data.

The springs that came out of my forks were 30 mm.  Seems to small and then always made noise.

I appreciate the help.
Stock and wilbers are 32mm di Ray.
Keep me in the loop with the plex developments, be glad to go halfs on any outlay for prototypes. The 650 boys are over the moon with them.