Dr Big

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Well fellas, 
time to sell the mighty DR650. I had fun rebuilding the bike, but I need something a little bigger. My Yamaha TTR600 is also up for sale on ebay as well and finishes tonight (27/09/20)

I'm going for a CRF1000 Africa Twin, around 2016/17. Having ridden one, and for me at 6'5, the bike fits me well. 

If my DR had been the 800, I may not have sold.

I'll keep an eye on here, see if we can ever have a viras free meet - up !

Hi Rob, you`ve got two apparently quite similar bikes there - both ~600cc single off roaders, i`d be interested in the characteristics of each, how they differ. For example, if you were plonked on one of the bikes but didn`t know which one it was and rode it what would it be about that bike that you`d notice first? Is the TTR a `proper` enduro/competition bike?
Good luch with selling both bikes, and i hope the ebay timewasters stay away...
Hi Hann,
The DR650 is definitely a street/trail bike, big, roomy and comfortable. Fits my 1.82 (6'5") height. The TTR600 yamaha is a lot closer to a dirtbike. With a little work, it would be a very good, if a little heavy, off road machine. The TTR is just tougher, stronger and snappier. Saying that, it didn't sell last night. It will be back on the dreaded ebay soon.
Cheers Hann