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Full Version: Travel Spring 21?
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Travel Spring 21?

Well, any suggestions lads? 

For myself, I'm really only available whilst schools are on break to offer a small rendevouz camp to pitch a few tents around Kenmare.  I want to do a few days around Brittany next year but that'd be all I can envisage for now.
Its so hard to plan with all this crap going on. i want to do Brittany on the Big as it is a place I am rather fond of. This year has proved to be a total wipeout so far. I long to get away, but no such luck this year. I would love to get over to Ireland on the Big, but if I do I need to visit some very dear old friends who I have not seen for a long time which would extend my trip beyond the time I can afford to take away from work.
Going stir crazy now and will likely be sitting in a gown being medicated very soon!
Going stir crazy now and will likely be sitting in a gown being medicated very soon!

That`s two of us!
Yes Please

I'll go anywhere

Dont know if I will be offshore, still getting paid full whack for sitting on my lardy arse at home.

Polishing my arseless leather chaps in anticipation.......


PS how about glamping???
Glad to hear the chaps are ready for action Captain?
I have looked at many options for a short trip, but not had any joy with campsites and bookings etc as they all seem to be booked out, over priced, or in one case they ask you to bring your own bog!

Can't see 2021 being any better tbh.
Hi Chaps,

Planning on Wales this year. Camping near Conwy and doing Anglesey one day, then a 280 mile tour of Snowdonia. Onward to Pembrokeshire and maybe on to Devon, Cornwall and the South Coast. Buying a new inflatable tent with a good bit of room - only 2 kg heavier than my little tent

I'll let you know when I go...

Well lads, with the tyrannical imposition of the Scamdemic, Iberia or anywhere else seems unlikely again?  The facists have met little peaceful resistance but almost total compliance - makes me wonder what they are putting in the water?

However, I'm fortunate to live on the coast of the Beara Penninsula & Caha Mountains (Hills really) With some of the most dramatic scenery in Ireland.  I feel for you dudes in the concrete jungle - I'm glad I Was able to escape from it.

Let me know if any of you get within range of Kenmare - you can pitch your tent, hose down your bike and even yourself...

Best wishes to you all......