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Full Version: Darbyshire or bust.
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[attachment=1891]Decided to take the outfit for its 1st camping trip at the weekend. Its not quite finished there still a lot of cosmetic work to be done. And the mudguard is only a temporary one until my aliminium one is ready. I thought I would go in 2 feet first and take it over the cat and fiddle pass. On the hole it went well. It pulled well out of the bends on the steep climes and is stable at 65mph on the motorway. Right hand bends take a good bit of input with the arms to pull the chair round. But the fun starts of left handers when the sidecar wheel becomes airborne when taken at any speed and if not curful can send you onto the wrong side of the road.

[attachment=1892]Once the tent was up I had a few beers in the Miners Standerd in Winster. £5 a night for camping a few nice real ales on the bar and good food. After another few beers back at the tent. One of the few advantages of the side car is you can slip 18 cans of John smiths in and a wide collection of pies and still leave room for all your camping needs. Saturday my self and 2 other mates stupid enough to build well one built and one bought sidecars went for a ride round the Darbyshire hills. It was great holding caravans up for a change. We ended up at Chatsworth Hall for a brew then back to the site to try out the pies and a few Mr Smiths.

A selection of pies and the Rubins tent. Only one central pole about 25mm diameter so very strong in wind a quick to erect with plenty of room for 2.

Unfortunately Saturday night didn't go as planned. After a few beers at the tent we walked down to the pub for a few socialable beers only to find that it was on fire. Apparently the tumble dryer had gone up in flames taking the wash room with it. The landlady told us in the morning that there was a bit of smoke damage but they hope to open again in next few days. So back to the tent for a brew and early night. However the morning brought more bad news when I descoverd my side car wheel has a big slash across the tread. It could of been caused by a cattle grid or a disgruntled camper unhappy with my snoring. So I had to grab a lift home on the back of a RAC van. But as it was pissing down I wasn't to upset.
An eventfull weekend then Chris.
Your bike does look cool. Maybe a spare wheel could be mounted when the design is completed ?
When I was a skiny Herbert on a 50cc moped, many, many years ago, there always seemed to be a few people running around on bikes with side cars. Often in wax cotton and into there real ale. Always interesting people. Its good to be different. Good show sir !
Good on you, seems you had an eventful time. Glad the outfit did as it should for you and transported the esscential kit! Gotta say that tyre looks like it was set at, karma will right that.
BTW what do you make of the robens green cone? Not an inexpensive item but I love mine, a great design and very packable for the size.
I'm really impressed with the green cone. We took it to Norway for our big trip and there was plenty of room for our Doris me and our kit. There some cool little touches like the pocket for tucking the door away. Also you can cook in the porch area without getting close to the tent.
Hi Rob. Have thought and a spare wheel on the back of the chair. It would add a bit of weight which isn't a bad thing. But I'm running 3 diffrent size wheels so which spare to take.
Chris the Runcorn wax cotton fan.
What was the main reason for the sidecar, was it for carrying stuff?
Di you consider a (monowheel) trailer or did you just want a `car?
Hi Hann.
I did the sidecar because I want to do the primus rally in Norway. Iv done most of the winter rallys in the UK. Both the Elaffantruffens in Germany and the Penguins in the Picos Mountains. I consider the Primus to be the hardest challenge. I don't think I could manage it on 2 wheels.
But having built the outfit they are great fun. Peaple always smile when they see you on them. And it's just something a bit different. Iv still got my tiger for 2 wheel fun and I'm on the look out for another dr 750 or 800 to keep as a solo.
Hi Chris

it looks you've got your outfit sorted.  I guess it's one of those things either you do or don't use a chair or trailer.  I don't think I'd ever gain the confidence to ride one - still learning to stay upright on two wheels!

I came by this clip with chair on a Tenere but, I won't be getting one!