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Full Version: Front brake MC
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Can someone remind me of the front master cylinder that should be substituted for the standard part to improve the performance with the standard front caliper?

Thanks in advance.

Hope everyone it riding now and enjoying the bike
Hi Ray, I think any upgrade from 14mm to 5/8 dia will do. Less feel but more pressure.
I went for a Bandit m/c as they were plentiful, cheap and had a span adjustable lever.
I would have stuck with the O/E item if there hadn`t been so much travel at the lever, and no, it didn`t need bleeding as I tried several o/e m/cylinders and they all did the same. It doesn`t help that I have big hands either.
I`ve been riding throughout the pandemic, just not interacting with anyone else, as we live in scary times.
I thought my government was stupid, and it is, but yours beggars belief.
There`s going to be one very big pile of corpses before this is all over