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Full Version: Starter motor
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Has anyone used a starter motor from a different bike with mounting mod on the 750? If so what and how?
A magnet broke inside the casing of the starter.
Help would be appreciated
I`ve had several s/motors pack up in a similar fashion, where the ferrite magnets came away from the casing and disintegrated.
If you check the parts diagram it gives a part number for every component except the casing containing the magnets. Bloody typical!
Most of the components  are from the 1988 LS 650 not so savage, so it`s possible the casing is similar.
The casing off the later SR43 is probably the same but are equally hard to find.
I`ve not been able to identify a s/motor from anything else that is similar despite extensive research.
Last year I bought a brand new one off French Ebay for £160 as I couldn`t find one in the UK and the Germans wanted ridiculous money for a used one.
A new one from those thieving gits at Suzuki GB is £537.82!! and I`m not sure they are even available any more.
Gone are the days when you could go down your local breakers and root around in their box of s/motors to try and find something that will do the job.
New one here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Motor-arranqu...SwE25euDFj
Second hand one here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DEMARREUR-SUZ...SwAMxemE7V