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Full Version: wiring
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Anybody recognize this hack, not sure what is going on here but looks like someone is bypassing something. I got this bike without a key so I replaced the ignition, I have a draw of 5volts at each leg of this jumper. Also, my bike will not start with the kickstand down, if I am in neutral and my kickstand goes down the bike will shutoff. I have a kickstand shutoff on my other bikes but only when in gear, seems odd that the bike will not idle with the stand down. Has someone hacked this portion of the bike as well or is this stock?

Looking at those cheap connectors someone has done a bit of hacking, I urge caution as more gremlins may lurk.
Most people by pass the Side stand switch as it often fails when least expected. You have your work cut out.
Good luck.But most people have time on their hands at present.
The photos show a bypass across two terminals of the decompressor relay which I`ve seen done before
Here`s a colour wiring diagram to halp you https://www.bollertante.de/rur/wiring-di...minary.pdf
As for the side stand, I suggest that the switch down by the footrest is either missing or the circuit is open to cause your problem.
The two wires from the switch join up by the base of the tank.
On the Big, if it`s an electrical problem it`s usual an earth problem, just for guidance.
thanks for the responses and the wiring diagram, any advantage of bypassing the decompressor relay except not having to replace the part?