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Full Version: Stainless header, Beak (for 750)
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Longshot but if you have either of the above I'd be interested.
Beak can be tatty as will be painted but preferably one without gouges or heavy scrapes.
Thanks lads Thumbup
Sold all mine a while back unfortunately. Hessler is now making repro beaks.
Hi Nug and HNYWink
Did not know about the repro beaks! Will try to stick with an oem one though if possible.
I'm also short a headlight as the two of mine appear to be dipping euro stylee
[Image: IMG-20200104-175723.jpg]
Anyone with one shout me. Anyone looking to swap shout me.
Don't suppose you have a set of aftermarket fork springs kicking about either and while you're at it how bout next wks lotto numbers.
HNY to you to mate. No chance on the uk headlight. I gave up looking for one. Fork springs may be a bit elusive as well. I imagine mot people would keep them unless they do a fork swap.
Hi Nug cheers for saying that about the UK headlights being like hens teeth I have ordered an E11 Dutch marked one off ebay.