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Full Version: Last ride of the year.
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Anyone been out today?

Last ride of 2019 for me was to Imber on Salisbury Plain. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imber
It`s only open to the public a few days per year, quite an eerie place - and so is the Plain once your out in the middle of it..

I was last there in 2009, the CX-P still shows the muddy moniker daubed on the tank from the aftermath of rescuing of the sidecar of doom from it`s watery grave in the filth and ooze of the river Usk in Newport.


[Image: Imber-CX-P-2009.jpg]


[Image: P1010019.jpg]

[Image: P1010020.jpg]

[Image: P1010021.jpg]

[Image: P1010024.jpg]

In other news, in half way through making some engine bars for the Big, updates to follow...
That looks very atmospheric out on the misty lanes, the Big looks suited to it.
Awesome Thumbup
Rode Salisbury a few years ago on a KTM EXC400, great day out. And many more years ago, did my Artillery gunnery training there with 105 mm howitzers. The collection of T60/65 russion tanks are cool, especially when direct firing at them........boom.
And again, my anual visit to Imber today.
Filthy day, but no rain, chillier than of late - hands were numb-cold, but maybe i have been spoilt lately with heated jacket, feet, grips and seat, i didn`t have any of that today....

[Image: DR800_2_03-01-2022.jpg]

The good thing about the Big is that i don`t feel guilty putting it away in the garage in that state, i spent 3 hours cleaning my other bike yesterday after Saturdays ride, i hate cleaning bikes, the Big can wait until i get the pressure washer back...
Looks a cool place to visit . Wouldn't mind getting down there for a look but in better weather it's a good run down for us in the North . Not been out over Christmas as me Dorris and the lad all got COVID. We think from a visit to the hospital Christmas eve .
But no ill effects other then a mild cold .
I`ve been out on the Big every day as well and it always comes back covered in mud
You have to wash it off every time or all the road salt eats the caliper seals plus much else otherwise
Certainly don`t see many other bikes here in Essex out in cold weather..... soft southern jessies!  Big Grin