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Full Version: 1988 DR750 springs
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Does anyone know the part number for the Progressive Springs that fit the 1988 DR750? I would like to see if I can source them here in Canada but the bike is not even listed on the website.

Not surprising you can`t get anything for the Big in N.America as it wasn`t sold in the USA, and only 32 sold in Canada
Aftermarket parts are becoming hard to find as the bikes are over 30 years old now
Progressive type springs are still available from Hagon, Wirth and Hyperpro.
It looks like you will have to buy from Europe and maybe pay import duty
Thanks for the response and the links.

Pulled the caps off the forks today and lucky me, I already have progressive springs. This bike is like a mystery grab bag as I bought it in the winter I haven't ridden it yet ... wet sanded two layers of paint to reveal the original orange on the beak.
We have had a few Canadians on here asking all the same questions that you will probably ask, and probably includes the previous owner of your bike.
Where in Canada are you?
Nelson, BC
Can someone tell me the recommended oil level for the stock forks with progressive springs? Anyone have a service manual in PDF?

There was a guy from BC called Chris who used to come on here. Did you buy it from him?
All you need to know is here http://www.timguy.net/sites/drbiginfo/DrBIGmanuals/
No I didn't buy it from Chris. Thanks for the links. Cheers