Dr Big

Full Version: Rear Disc, Centre Stand, Springs
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My own is prety goosed having a big lip each side.
If you have a spare that isn't too worn and you want to trade (have some spares) or sell drope me a line Thumbup

If you have a spare centre stand I'd be interested.

A long shot this but if theres a set of heavier rate fork springs, hagon, wirth, wilbers etc thats kicking about I'd buy em.
I may have one somewhere. I have a Hessler one which is slightly used, but keeping it for mine which is pretty worn now.
Just checked and can't find one unfortunately.

Shame nobody makes a decent rear disc anymore for the Big.
PFM used to make them and they were awesome.
We are stuck with expensive OE or rubbish made in China now.
I certainly would never buy an EBC again.
Hi guys,I have a centre stand,I’ll take a pic and put it on here

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Pm'd you Dunk, cheers.