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Full Version: Here is my old DR650RS
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[Image: thumbnail%201.jpg]

[Image: thumbnail.jpg]

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[Image: 15683762543038948595192522622797.jpg]

The Yamaha is a little small for my height, but ok for local stuff. DR is much taller. Just got to refurb it.
Very nice.
I went to buy an rs once but couldnt kick start it Big Grin
In my defence i was only out of cast a couple wks. Is it difficult to start?
Not so bad. I've had 3 XR650R'S, 1 x XR600R so not a problem.
But I do have legs like tree trunks. Banghead
I had a Dr650 RSE when to the Elaffantruffen on it great bike
When I got my DR600 many years ago and was struggling to kick it over, despite being 6ft 6 and 17 stone, and was given the following advice...
"Kick it like you are kicking a rapist off your mother" ..... never had a problem after that Wink
My first DR600 nearly broke my leg on my first ride home. I stalled it in traffic and just instinctively booted it without consideration of where the piston was in its cycle. Couldn't walk for a week after that!
I soon got the knack and even started it wearing slippers just to prove the point Banghead
Not sure I would try it now.

Nice bikes bigrob Thumbup
Thanks all.
I plan on fitting a Mikuni carburetor TM40-6-40mm flatslde pumper kit.
The header pipe is awful, no holes, but very rusty. The twin rear is holed up and the Y piece rusted through.
I have a large bore stainless header coming from Hessler in Germany, not sure which tail pipe to have yet.

All good stuff...........but I feel my wallet may become lighter.

I'll keep you posted. :clap:
First purchase.....

[Image: 20190917_175937.jpg]

Header pipe from Hessler in Germany. But check out the weld inside the barrel end...

[Image: 20190917_180004.jpg]

Does the collective think I should smooth this down a bit ? Easy enough job to do !

I've seen how quickly some of you folk strip and rebuild your bikes on here, so it'll be under way soon.

Rob Large.
I would be inclined to clean up the weld but I`m just fussy
My thoughts exactly Bob. Just ordered a dremel type tool and some grinding attachments.
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