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Full Version: Lots to be doing.
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You`ve bought another one?

Can never have too many Bigs Wink
Its a long story Bob lol. She is steadily eating her way through my stash of spares....grrrr.
Aint the swiss ones restricted? Is it cam or cdi did you mention before I can't remember?
It is imo just about to have slid into economically unfeasible disrepair but there are pros to her. She largely unmolested and all there.
This won't be a full blast refurb, hopefully. Just a tidy up and a few necessary mods.
Foremost of which will ve a GSXR 1K k1Can. Nug if memory serves you've done this. Fill me in re the link pipe plz.
Up next is alternator gasket and balanver chain adj with valves adjusted. Will also get a clutch one and the crank end oil seal.
The 750 model wasn`t restricted but the 800 certainly was
You should have 44B30 faintly etched on to the side of the carbs if it`s Swiss
The pilot air jet was a bit bigger and the pilot screw was set to 2 and 5/8ths rather than 2 and 1/2
I doubt if you would notice the difference at all.
CDI and cam are standard
At first I thought you may have bought Ally's bike who is just down the road from me! His sold on ebay a couple of days ago.

Looks like a decent bike. Certainly worthy of some tlc.

I will refer you back in time to my post regarding the link pipe jobby. http://www.drbig.info/forum/viewtopic.ph...0+some+tlc

Back then I said I would sort a stainless one....I never have. Just needs repainting now and then. I fitted a shortened GSXR can to the CCM a while back It was the original can which was on the 750 but had all the studs snap when I tried to separate the link pipe for painting. Because of the way the cans are constructed, it is almost impossible to repair them. I just thought I would try before I binned it. Managed to do it but it had to be shorter because of the cutting of the casing. Worked out perfect for the CCM! I used a stainless flange with spigot for a clamp on that. I got it from Banditmania who used to be located in Lincoln. Don't think they are in business anymore unfortunately. I am sure you could find one somewhere on the net or just do what I did and hack up an old marving or similar.
Bob, Nug...
I know the markings you're describing, but can't seem them on the carb body. Paperwork is swiss and she has CH on the mud guard so shes a cookoo clock alright.
Interesting how the paper pushers make the manufacturer jump through hoops, and whats more intresting in how they go about doing that, mad.

My exhaust bodge means it aint blowing anymore (for now) but the writings on the wall, it's well shagged. Header good though. When I took it off the bike an l upended her it rattled. The brief with this is stock, quiet and mechanically sound so I will persue the gixer oem can Nug I reckon.

Anyway, a concerning engine noise turned out to be a loose header and literally stopped when i tightened them up. The air filter i pulled out of her was an oem suzi and black. The blowing mid section was semi responsible as if you look in the pics it has blackened everything round there. I had an oem one on the shelf that i was eager to try in the big blue but threw it into her. More spares robbed lol :wtf:

Set the air fuel/idle as per the manual and did an oil and filter change. Dropped the sump screen too. Oil looked like it was ready to go back into the well.
Lubed everything your meant to and checked tyre pessures and went for a wee spin up the boreens.

Before she seemed tired, but the couple nights giving what she needed has had a marked effect.
Pulls harder than my own and thats not because of mine being heavier, its simply got more poke. Raised an eyebrow and i think a lot of it has to do with having an exhaust with sufficient back pressure to effectively scavenge. I think having an exhaust with sections or labyrinthine i think they call it is effective for us. I believe the gixer oem can has that. Am i talkin sh1te here lads or will a can like i describe make her far meatier in the bottom and midrange?

I will email Resi in the hope that he may have a link pipe solution as his brilliant header was such a great addition. Failing that i will buy some stainless pipe of the right od and get someone to bend it, that or cut sections to make the bends and have them welded as i cant stick weld stainless afik.

Waiting for gaskets and crank seal to arrive before doing valves and balancer chain but as you say Nug deffo worthy of tlc. Every original fastener is there which is highlighting some bodges on blue.

[Image: DSCN4467.jpg]

[Image: DSCN4468.jpg]

[Image: DSCN4469.jpg]

[Image: DSCN4478.jpg]
Thumbup Thumbup
All looking promising then mate Thumbup
Flat out in garage in my spare time but working on friends super ten prepping her for a Norwegian Nordkap run. Big pokey bastard of a bike but seems well built.

Now as this one is on a budget....
Our shock is 418mm centre eyelet to eyelet with 30mm width eyelets......does a shock from another bike with similar stroke and weight fit her? Thinking there may be a cheap upgrade out there? The one in her grand but a touch more ride height and damping might be nice. Must chuck in the spare and see is it better

Next wk I'll order braided lines front and rear. Will chance the master cylinder rebuild kits too. Calipers will get a strip and clean. They're in decent shape actually. This bike would you believe stops respectably, better than ol blue did when stock thats fo sho! Ton of dive but I'm spoilt with the intiminators and wilbers springs on the other. But the more i ride the more i dig the softer suspension on it, tis relaxing lol.

Front disc is lipped but i have two spares in better shape.
For the craic i flushed through some pre opened old fluid i had kickin about and bejaysus better again! A good squeeze front and rear has the anchors out. Ish. Wont know myself with hoses.

In the mean time I'll swap the right dipping swiss headlight for my spare. Actually i must check the spares are left dipping!
Will upgrade the bulb to nightbreaker. Deffo correct on the oem set up being better than twin spot Nug. Streets ahead.

Ign lock was prob forced at some point as wrong key in her so will swap the lock set over.

Strip and grease linkage bearings.

There's a split link in the chain which scares the sh1te outta me. Convince me I'm wrong...? I read Bob and Nug saying theyre a grand job but tbh lads that flies in the face of everything i thought i understood about correctly fitting drive chains on large capacity bikes. I'm eager to hear.

Have both case gaskets and crank seal on the way and will do valves and b chain. Remind me, which starter gear does the infamous washer live behind again?

Carbs will be pulled and ill investigate the reluctance to rev between idle and 3k when cold. Instantly better when on choke but perhaps a blocked pilot or hardened diaphragm?

This bike was deffo used but well minded in its past. Not so much since landing on these shores but yeah she could be good!Smile wouod kinda like to give her the treatment but thats not the brief!
It will be left largely stock and tis charming yoke to ride and very manageable which blue aint being on stilts n all.

I'm in touch with Resi aka Lars re a link pipe and some of his seat quick releases. Great to have a resource like himself for the old gal.

Anything else i should tackle?
Anything else i should tackle?

Sounds like you have most angles covered, and anything you haven`t will in due course present itself for your attention anyway.
Shock length as standard is 410mm btw, and I don`t know of anything else that uses that length
I`ve given up on rivet links as they invariably dry out and go rusty and end up snapping. I`ve heard of just so many instances of this happening that I`ve gone over to the clip link and never had a problem.
It`s almost certainly due to the fact that the rivet link gets overtightened when installed and no lube can get past the o rings.
On an old slugger like the Big with a max of 45 bhp at the back wheel there shouldn`t be a problem, and anyway, I`ve uprated to a 530 chain on my Bigs so the chain never ever needs adjusting.
Best way round this problem is to buy an endless chain and remove the s/arm to install it, and lube it before and after every ride.
The original Big in standard trim is a big softy as you are finding out, but it does have a peculiar charm no other bike has
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