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Full Version: Headlamp housing thingy
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I`m after a headlamp housing for a SR41 or 42 ie the plastic thingy the screen bolts onto.
They are not available any more and I can`t find any on Ebay that are not attached to a beak and costing silly money.
I have two but they are missing the mounting lugs, so if you have an intact one you want to sell, let me know.
No 1 in the diagram. Thanks
I'll have a look I think I have one not sure of it's condition but if it's there you can have it FOC Thumbup
Thumbup Thumbup
I tried to send you an email with pics !!! did you get anything ??
one there, the plastic has faded a bit but it's not cut up which is good .send me your address if you want it and i'll get it in the post Thumbup
Not sure if you got sorted !! As I didn't get a reply
Nope didn`t get any email
I don't have your address if you PM it to me i'll post the headlamp thingy
I'll get it sorted and away asap
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