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Full Version: Cork & Kerry Day Spin (1)
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I got out early yesterday for a days ride covering 218miles on the odometer about 350kms around NW Cork & SW Kerry. I used OS Maps familiarising the way markers of some of the old historic drovers routes and trails which tend to have little if any traffic.

I went cross country due north mostly using local 'L' roads and boreens avoiding commuter routes if possible towards Rockchapel then westwards to Killarney and Beaufort for the 'Gap of Dunloe & Black Valley' travelling south into Kenmare, Bantry and home westwards to Cork City.

The ' Cork & Kerry Butter Road' literally starts outside my front gate beside Shandon Butter Museum: http://thebuttermuseum.com/ lots of history if you're interested but, it's perfect big trailie country for a days outing.

Here's a decent drone view (Turn off the volume crap Muzak)of the Gap: https://youtu.be/cou9OY_uRo8 ) but book ahead as it's often full up.

The bike run faultlessly but my own chassis is aching.
Sweet. Wished i coulda hooked up but domestic engineering...
Do you happen to track mpg?
Colum I filled up the fuel tank from the outset and kept the receipt with the intent to refill and find out. But, my cranium ran out of ram and I forgot to do so as I had Homer Simpson vision of a beverage awaiting me which took priority! However, I wrote a reminder on some masking tape and stuck it on tank to refill and work fuel usage out next outing.

It should give me a a realistic consumption reading for my use. I tend to plod along at 40-60 along the boreens and 60-90 along open roads without luggage.

The weather on YR.com https://www.yr.no/place/Ireland/Munster/Cork/ was uncannily accurate as it hasn't stopped pissing down since the early hours this morning.

I'll post the fuel reading in a new post later. I'm finished at 13:00hrs Wednesday until end of August, yippee! Banghead
Yer yoke fuels sweetly, probably good mpg, be nice to know.

Coordinates in there......
Cracking scenery Thumbup