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Hi Chaps,

I've been in the background lurking for a while - had problems over the last year with the family so biking has been relegated.

Anyhoo, I've got the new exhaust fitted. I ended up with a GPR header pipe. I had to fit a new manifold (got a NOS one off ebay last year for £80) as the original one fell to bits and fitted Marving cans. I was disappointed with the header I got from Hessler as it was 6" too long and if I cut it, the pipe was the same as the manifold connection.

Also fitted some engine bars and got some bags that were made to fit. Not impressed. They cost a fortune even compared to Givi ones. £99 for two. The LOMO ones would have been better I think.

I'm doing the Scottish NC500 in June. A 6 day camping trip, a day to get to Inverness, 4 days around the course and a day back home. I'll post some pics.

Also doing the south coast in July, Anglesey, Tenby, North Devon, Lands End, Beaulieu and the Peak District over 8 days, again camping. I'll post where I'm going to be - you never know, I may get to meet up.


Never knew the route had an official name of NC500.
I first did this route back in the 70`s on a kettle and have been back several times since, on a 1100 Katana, Gixxer 750 and a Big.
Back in the day, many of the roads were still gravel not tarmac which made it interesting :o .
The road from Ullapool via Culkein to Inchnadamph is so amazing, the first time I rode it, I turned right round and rode it back the other way, and then did it all over again. Wink
Be careful though, the roads can get very gnarly with lots of tight blind bends, and even worse, foreign drivers on the wrong side of the road!
Have fun Thumbup
I've been up that way a few times ,never on a BIG , friends heading over next week were saying due to the route becoming popular getting a place to stay for 1 night is a nightmare , have fun ,don't forget the pics Thumbup Thumbup Thumbup Thumbup
]Hi Chaps

Not long got back from doing the Scottish NC 500. Had a great time. Nice twisty roads and good campimg.

Some Photos are attached

Cant get the hang of travelling light


330 mile first day to Inverness then 120 mile to John O Groats


Another pic to come
Camping at Durnet Head


Dunnet Head Lighthouse


Nice beach at Durness






Camping at Scourie


Top of hills before Applecross. Very steep single track, Lick the Hardknott Pass in the Lakes


Applecross Beach
Last photo


Weather was good apart from the home journey. Got soaked and ended up chasing the good weather via Perth to Penrith and finally back home across the A66. 400 mile journey the last day

Had a couple of off moments.....

Getting petrol in Inverness, a young lad raced out of the shop and pushed the bike over, snapping off the mirroe and breaking the GoPro. If his Dad hadn't been there he would have been bruied. Very apologetic so what the hell

On the Drumbeg road, a Porsche driver with a small penis was using the single track as his own race track. Come round a blind bend about 50mph. I was doing about 20. Managed to stop (just) and put my foot down. Except there was nothing there. Lovely 12@ verge. Fell over with the bike on top of me and the Porche driver buggered off. Foot was trapped. Not hurt and bike not damaged, but had to wait for 10 mins till a bunch of Aussies turnrd up in their camper.

Looks like your in a bit of a pickle mate. Wheres your wallet?

Thanks to them from getting me from down under

I would recommend this route to anyone

your meeting with the driver sounds all to familiar !!! a lady put my mate off last year , same thing but she stopped looked out the car window then drove off leaving him lying there . great trip and great pics Thumbup Thumbup Thumbup
Did that route on a Big over twenty years ago. Recommended.
Sounds like there`s a lot more idiots up there now. Back in the day the place was empty.
I can only but agree with you all, I think the Highlands & Islands are great if you get the weather and actually have a week or two to ride the perimeter coastal roads at sedate pace to take it all in.

I hope to nip across on the ferry from Belfast or Larne and tour up around Skye, Hebrides and Southerland soon. With regard to road dangers I was victim of 'hit & run' just south of Fortwilliam. That was August 2011 on my 990 Adventure (Written Off) spent sometime in ICU Fortwilliam Hospital. That was on my second last day having visited friends in Kirkwall. I won't forget that again, it was a big scare and two years physio and still not right.

Midges can be ferocious so I tend to use hostels rather than camp except at Applecross which has a great campsite. The Scottish SYHA & Indepentent Hostels are quite good and an opportunity to eat and chill out with some interesting people. They're always a good source for advice on travelling remoter areas on conditions and where to get fuel. You don't mind paying an extra 10p per lire if you can fill your tank knowing you're running on reserve.

I found the roads surfaces in Highlands well maintained compared to back home in Ireland but that was almost eight years ago now, the years are flying past and I'm getting ancient.
I'm getting ancient.

I know the feeling...........sigh. None of us are getting any younger Wink
Looks like you had a great trip captain. And I'm sure the incidents where very chariter building lol. Been that way a few times on my triumph. Great part of the world. I would love to get up there on the big sometime
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