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Full Version: Hi from Perth Australia
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Hi folks,
Just got back on the forum after 4 or 5 years not been able to get logged in.
Currently living in Australia and looking for a DR Big 750 to ride.
I already own a 1988 dr750 and a dr800 but they are both stored and my parents in Northern Ireland.
Hi Alan I'm in Ballyclare Thumbup Thumbup
Your 750 looks in great order! Welcome again Smile
Hope you find another big. Thumbup
Welcome back, where about in Perth are you! I've been lucky enough to visit over there a few times. Thumbup
Thanks guys.
Deano, I'm in Mandurah, an hour south of Perth.
I drove through Mandurah on my way down the coast to Margaret River for a bit of vineyard wine tasting Thumbup