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I have never seen a DR Big without the beak that was so well fitted to the stock tank. Really don't like the beakless look :tdown: though that is solely personal taste.

Reminds me of a tenere Banghead
Kinda looks like it was made to fit.... wonder was it a one off?
Made by Hepco & Becker back in the day and sold in Germany.
They also did a SR43 version with twin headlights, and I have one in my emporium if anyone is interested.
I quite like the look personally, though others will disagree.
I actually like it as well. Its a bit squared off which reminds me of one of those kids robots from the 60's-70's. Nice bike.
It fitted too well to be a lash up, we need pics of yours Bob! :D
I couldn't de beak mine tho Thumbup
Mine is up in the attic and I`m not going to get covered in cobwebs just to take a photo.
My memory clearly isn`t what it was. It was made by Five Stars not Hepco and retailed for 199 euros about 25 years ago.
Here`s a few pics I found

Some FUGLY pics in there :tdown:
Bit too "street" looking for me. Similar to the DR 650 RS.
Very similar to the 650 RS but I quite like it. I wish I knew what headlight it used.
.............I wish I knew what headlight it used...........

Bob, it looks like an early Yamaha Fazer 600 to me.
My Guzzi Quota has a projector + spotlight headlamp which is rubbish and a replacement upgrade is the Yam Fazer...looks very similar.
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