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Full Version: Big wanted, anything considered, preferably in UK
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Cash waiting for a bike, willing to travel, will consider any condition, from mint to munter!
Please let me know if you can help?
I’m based near Derby and have a van to collect, happy to travel for the right bike.

Cheers, Goose
Haga Lout is up your way. near Oldham, and has a couple for sale.
I think he`s in Spain at the moment but will be back soon.
Drop him a pm
I’ve messaged him, thanks.
I’ve messaged a couple of members but not sure they are getting them as they are sat in my outbox? Does that mean they’ve not picked them up yet or that I can’t send messages?
They haven`t checked their messages yet so don`t panic
Still looking.
[attachment=1722]Hi ,
My son has a Big that maybe up for sale.
It's a 96 with about 30k on it.
It was imported by myself from Germany from Jeff at Montana motorcycle's.
It's totally original in blue and excellent condition and will be sold with 12 months mot.
The bike is located in Wiltshire.
Let me know if you want more details or pics.
Thank's Bob.
Please message me with a price?
Pm sent.
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