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Full Version: Hi again!
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Was here before, old name was zappa.suzuki and now i'm Mr.Z Wink

Still riding a Big, my 3th now, a 1997 model [and a KTM 640 on nobby's] and the old lump is driven daily, to get it a bit better there have been some changes;

Up-grade front springs
rear shocker has been opened up, modified, and rebuild with a CR500 spring
braided brake hoses
crash bars
Laser produro exaust
clutch house and sprocket from a DR 750 to get a shorter transmission 8-)
36mm carbs to get lots of fun 8-)
and some other things like hand guards, LED headlight, 3 sets of wheels and so on..

But it looks like a old lump so i can park it in the city and don't worry to much.. [ well my 2th Big got stolen, painted white/orange to look like a KTM, got it back but the 3th gear was gone [ got that with my other 2 as well]

Got more than 100.000km on my Big's, like to drive it hard, also on the dirt, broke and repaired almost everything on them andstill like the old lump Wink
Ow and i'm from Holland :D
Welcome back Zappa :wave:
Hello :wave:
Hey Zappa, welcome back man. I remember the pics you p9sted of r8ding your big in the snow. Bought float bowls off you too iirc Wink
Pics of the bikes plz :D
Hi Bob! Thanks!

@ H-lime, Thanks! There's just one Big left, other 2 have been taken apart for parts, could build one i think with my spare parts :D