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Full Version: Ordering parts
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Hi I have been ordering OEM parts from Wemotos but they are taking ages to come, I have my balancer chain and guide and a new gear selector shaft seal arrive today, but now I realise I am going to be held up for lack of piston circlips, and I am thinking rotor bolt as I think a new rotor bolt needs to be used each time?

I dont want to reuse the circlips but I am not sure about the rotor bolts, does that definately need to be a new one.

How long do Suzuki parts normally take to arrive from Robinsons?
I think they're fairly efficient, anything I ordered arrived within a week, that goes for both Robinsons and Wemoto
Robinsons have the largest parts stock in the UK, so if they have it in stock you`ll get it next day. If they don`t have it they normally get it from Suzuki GB next day.
Use this page http://www.robinsonsfoundry.co.uk/shop/o...-order.htm to check on availability and price.
If you talk to Michelle and mention my name you`ll get 10% discount.
You can reuse a rotor bolt, though I would recommend new circlips.
Thanks I will give Robinsons a ring tomorrow. Wemotos seem to have a weeks lead time on oem parts and it would be nice to be able to make some progress this weekend hopefully circlips will be in stock.
Wemoto probably get their OEM parts from Robinsons so cut out the middle man
Well I have ordered my clips, grrrr over 7 quid for two little circlips once the postage is paid. But I suppose its better to have peace of mind as have read stories of them coming loose and scoring the cylinder. Well as much peace of mind as you can have riding a motorbike when you have had its engine apart and put it back together. Confusedhock: Wink
I thought I would buy a new cam chain spring from Hessler @21 euros and rebuild the tensioner rather than pay over £110 to those robbing kuntz at Suzuki for a whole new camchain tensioner.
Imagine my shock to find he wants 18 euros postage to send a tiny little spring.
Also, he doesn`t combine postage, so despite intending to buy over 100 euros worth of very small items, which would probably cost about 5 euros to post, he wants to charge me 68 euros postage. Needless to say, he won`t be getting my business.
Just thought I ought to warn you
Thats not good Bob. I have had a few bits off him over the years and don't remember paying that much. It wasn't cheap but it wasn't anywhere near as extortionate as that. Probably brexit mate. Bestrafe den Engländer!
I`ve had previous experience of buying from him and don`t remember it being extortionate, just expensive.
I`ve just rebuilt an engine with a new crank and so I`m replacing the camchain and tensioner as a sensible precaution, as I`ve seen the damage done when the tensioner fails.
I remember when bikes were cheap transport. Not any more...............
Thats isint just appaling but complete profiteering Bob, wtf is he playing at! :eh:
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