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Full Version: Royal Enfield 500
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Anyone had any experience of these I have had a bee in my bonnet about getting one of the early 2000 models before they started modernising them and keep looking at them on ebay. I love the idea of the simplicity and think the engines look great in them. Just for pottering around the b roads on sunny days. Its been a bit of a pipe dream while both my bikes have been broken and off the road as a bike I could have just bought quite cheap.

Heres an example of one and if one came up local I would be tempted.

You could get a decent Big for that sort of money
My dad had one until a month or so ago. Great fun as long as you are not in a rush.i would have one tomorrow but at 6ft3 the seat hight is to low for me.
Bob I wish I could find a decent big for that type of money. There only two on eBay one been on fire and the other one I would expect to get two for £3500
I am 6 foot 5 so the size of one of those might be a problem but a mate of mine knows a guy who rode all around india on one. If I bought a big for that money I would be worried it would might need the same again spent on a new top end. Parts are just so expensive now they are getting on. The Enfield parts are pretty cheap.
You'll need one of these to buy petrol for that Enfield
Lol I have my Grandad's old ration book somewhere. Wink
I can see the appeal in them but not sure my fillings would stay in for long if I rode one. I reckon a stripped down one(not bobbed or chopped) done in a vintage trials style would be nice.
The is a company who imports them and makes them into a scrambler version called the Woodsman.

If I had to have one I'd go for the Himilan model, could be fun, you could probably make one from a standard 500 for a lot less
I think those have a newer engine which is a bit of a redesign and uses fuel injection. I like the idea of the classic design then I can keep it for years and years and then when I am an old man be a bit like Hanibal Lecter making my own pistons and the like. Wink
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