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Full Version: Best Bike Ever
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Thought I'd put some pics of my DR 350, it's now gone but not forgotten, it was used for trail riding and enduros, while up against newer and flasher bikes it never disgraced itself or let me down, it kept going through near impassable mud while KTMs and CRFs boiled over and sized, I've had lots of bike before and since but its the only one I realy miss
I miss my 350 as well. Same colour as yours. Took me through many miles of mud without ever letting me down.
I got shot down when I suggested on the ABR forum that the DR350 was one of the best trailies ever made......shows what they know! Never had one but its a bike I always wanted.
It's all about the £s on the ABR forum if it's not expensive new ktm ccm it's rubbish. Most wouldn't be able to ride a DR350 to its limits. But they would spend a fortune on shiny bits for there crf and kid themselves they need to improve the bike to match theire talents.
Rant over. Signed
Shit off road rider from Runcorn :wave:
I went on the ABR forum a few times in the early days but it just seemed to be policemen on BMW1150s with an attitude problem, so I didn`t last long.