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Full Version: How much?
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No doubt made from Chinese monkey metal and bought in at 5p each
Genuine item from Suzuki @ £7.62.
You can get two Chinese stainless nipples delivered for less than a quid! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pack-of-2-M7-x...0790853953
They are the same as the ones fitted on the International space station Bob, hence the price.

Chinese nipples eh :think: Brown and pert usually I thought ?
They are also selling thousands of other Chinese replacement parts, also at way above OE prices.
They must be selling some otherwise they would go out of business, though why anyone would pay over the odds when you can get genuine items at a lower price is beyond me.
For example a Brembo front disc for the 1988-96 Gixxers is £88, OE £125 and their Chinese shite one is £157.
Must be more stupid stupids out there than I thought, though on reflection, over a hundred million voted for Trump. I despair .......
Careful with those Chinese nipples or you`ll go blind. Wink
Paul Smeetons Bitz for Bikes.... I have had a few bits off them in the past like Goldfren pads etc.

Had a gander at the Bitz for Bikes facepoop page & found this message somebody left Thumbup

Quote:There is no way that those guys are bikers themselves. They are selling brake calliper pistons that will happily rust away and disintegrate within 10k kilometers in freshly cleaned and revised callipers. I had to email and message on Facebook before I even got a response. There is barely any acknowledgement of the crap and downright life-threatening quality of their products. Ignoring the actual problem, they did not even offer apologies. I asked for a refund, and they offered me 20 pounds which is by itself unacceptable. Also, this was "out of goodwill"! To this day, I still have to receive anything at all. E-mails go unanswered.

So, in short, not only do you sell critical bike parts of _extremely_ bad quality, you also fail to take responsibility for what you sell. You offer a lousy refund out of goodwill, whereas the right thing to do would be to apologize for ruining my brakes. You then proceed to ignore any message I send you about that refund.
Having reed that feed, back I recon. that was Bob that rote it jew to the lack of spalling mistooks and the corwect use of punkchewaytion marcs as I no how much it bugs im/ :clap:
Thank you for your most helpful comment Deano Wink

I kind of got the idea that most of their stuff was Chinese shite, and we are all wise enough to know now that you would never ever use any of it in critical areas.
My astonishment is that they try and charge three or four times the amount of OE items. Do they ever check their prices or just make it up as they go along?
Clearly they are not a company with whom I wish to do business with, especially after reading the feedback.
You have to be a complete kunt to sell stuff so bad that it`s likely to cause death or injury and not care about it.
R Soles like this give us all a bad name. Added to the boycotted list. :evil:
Well at least least he is keeping some poor Chinese factory workers in rice & prawn crackers Thumbup