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Full Version: New bouncey thingy
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Got a new yss shock for the 650. Bit different from the original. Only been out on a wee road spin feels firmer. Not tested off road yet . Preload and rebound both at minimum to start with.
Excellent... Think you deserved a new one buddy Big Grin

My DR has seen much off road action, same shock 25 years later lol but look forward to hearing what you think of the new one Kyle
Ive had the yss on the dr800 for maybe 4 yrs. I find it is very good both on and off road. Just need to fine tune this one for 650.
I`ve got a YSS on my SR43 and it`s very firm on minimum setting and I`m 17st.
I`ve got rebound on 4 clicks off minimum out of 50.
Have fun twiddling Wink