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Full Version: Looking at getting a dr800
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Hi new here not got a Dr yet but on the look out I'm from Oldham in the uk but live some of the time in Gibraltar the rest in the uk I've got a few bikes the one one I use the most is a aprilia caponord witch I use for touring I have a big scooter in gib ( aprilia srv 850 ) as there's not a lot of room in gib and a car is hard work
Howdy GeoffWink
Hi mate not got one yet but looking will get one soon I hope will ride it for rest of year then pimp it over winter

I like the above dude. If i was in the market I'd try to close that down early too. Based on a couple recent auctions they're fetching stronger money for cleaner ones.
If this was cleared on UK plates I'm guessing it should pull 2200ish. Chance him at 1750?
Made him a bid of ebay but he says he has over 200 watchers I've offered what you said Calum so let's see if he holds his nerve or pulls it there's a reserve so he may contact me after
Yea maybe the ball ache attached to the bikes papers and location might put lads off. Tbh if it's as good as he's saying/looks then it's worth every penny of 2 g. Also you could put any money after that directly into being or ride it as is.
I'd still wanna know who rebuilt it and what was done but yer man seems very open about it. Tbh I get a good feeling about it. Me? Id get that bike.
Looks like the ball ache in the locale and paper work played against him.
Haga, hopefully ye can hash out a deal with him Thumbup
It's hard work now to privet reg a bike as all dvla offices are shut you have to get the forms sent as joe public can't do it on line get a mot to frame number send all paperwork with a cheque to customs who look at it for a bit then send it to dvla who keep it for up to 8 weeks and if you have filled it out right send you a bit of paper with a reg number so your looking at 12weeks if it all goes sweet Before the local offices closed 4hours job done
Jaysus, its sortable in an avo over here. :eh: Ball ache indeed.
Could still be worth it at the end man, sweet machine.. Wink
Offerd him 50%more than I bid to but he had ove200 watchers told him watchers ant biders price as come down now if he phones me as that was the offer then to end nice blue one poped up on ebay start 1k with res 3k buy now
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