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Hi, I came across Volcker Schmidt's custom bikes while trawling the net. I was so impressed by his custom that I went out and bought a 1992 DR 800 to try and make a custom bike for myself. I plan to turn the bike into a cafe racer so if anybody had experience in this field I would appreciate your expert advice. I have bought a Marving Silencer for the bike and a 1978 SR 500 fuel tank. Has anybody done anything similar?

They can look good but you have to be careful not to make them look ungainly. The headstock is pretty high making some of the smaller tanks sit up high which looks a bit strange on some I have seen. I always think the swingarm looks wrong because its too long. I remember reading somewhere that a SR500 swingarm can be made to fit for a twin shock conversion.

I hope you are not chopping up a nice Bike..... The DR Big Gods will not be happy ! [Image: smiley-violent105.gif]
Hi, Thanks for the reply and I appreciate your advice. The bike I bought is in terrible condition and would probably end up in the scrap yard. I'm attaching the link to Goodspark garage in case you have not seen them. My project is to build something similar to the green version.

All the bikes that get customised never seem to actually cover very many miles and end up gathering dust, however pretty they look.
I guess that means they look fine but are not much fun to actually ride.
Having built a supermoto out of one of mine many years ago I found that putting a 17 inch front wheel on it tilted the bike too far forward and down and made stoppies a doddle but was actually very uncomfortable to ride, and it never felt right. I put it back to standard after a couple of years and was a joy to ride again.
I suggest you actually talk to one of us that lives local to you, as the Big is unlike any other bike and seems to obey a different law of physics entirely.
After all, if the bike is in a terrible state, it`s going to be a big job to restore whether you return to to standard or go and customise it it.
At least returning it to standard you know that original bits for it will fit and are easily available, whereas you are venturing into the dark and may well end up with an unrideable bike that may look pretty but be downright dangerous, and I`ve seen far too many too those in my time.
And last, but definitely not least, if you butcher a Big you will incur the opprobrium and displeasure of the Big community who may be disinclined to give help and advice, and you may well get a visit from the Big police who will come round a criticise your paintwork and saddle stitching Wink
I do like the examples mentioned charlielucky. The white one is my favourite.

1. If your bike is a complete shed then do as you see fit with it.

2. Don't chuck any parts away as people may need them even if they are rough ( you would be surprised what old shit people re-use & are grateful for :lolno: )

3.Post some pics of the Bike as it is now.

4.Prepare to be abused Thumbup
Did i tell you about my Vincent chop? Big Grin
OOh ya bugger Banghead
Glad you like the volker bikes.

I'm not sure this site is for me. I got to be honest with you all and say that the only thing I like about the DR 800 is the engine which is outstanding. My back can't stand much more than a 1 hour ride anymore so I just want to build something for short trips along the coast. I'll do as you suggest and keep all the bits I no longer need for anybody who wants them. Thanks for your replies and goodbye. Happy Christmas
I've seen one! Owned by a Argentian bloke, i think Argentina was a big market for Vincent.{got a magazine article on it stashed away somewhere} Anyway it's your bike do what you wish with it,sounds like what Sony trying do, to stop the kids chipping their own ps boxes. i like the street scrambler/flat tracker look so would be intrested in your project,cheers. Thumbup
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