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Full Version: Looking for early 800 Half Tank
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left and right... color not important but should be clean without rust inside.



I have some tanks , 4 I think 2 of each. Where abouts are you, I`m in Lanc`s.
I must have two dozen or so :o
I`m in Essex
Any of you guys got the rear mudguard & any other body parts? condition/colour unimportant so long as they are not broken. I want to put an early rear end on my sr43. Anybody got experience of this swap or any advice? Cheers.
I think you`ll find it harder than you imagine to change rear ends as all the frame mountings are completely different. You`ll need the rear subframe, tailpiece and rack for sure, plus rear light and mudguard. Of course, it means you won`t have the original s/panels, so will leave a pair of unsightly spaces.
Just get a 750 to go with the 800!
Ok ta for that....cant get away with buying another bike! Would love an early DR 800 but I would be in trouble with the wife. I am in the process of selling my beloved CCM to make way for some spending on the DR. I may make a scratch built rear end to emulate the Dakar bikes. I was hoping to have an easy route to what I want. Luckily I am very handy with GRP & fabrication having worked in Specialist vehicle building & prototype. If anybody does have the old rear end parts i would be still be interested in them.




hi Guys im in Athens Greece...

I need both left and right side tanks color and external condition isn't important as long as they are rust free...

also i need an original 1990 or Dr750 front nose, scrathes and colors marks ok

Bike is going to be painted Marlboro i m thinking.

let me know...
It would cost a fortune to post two tanks to Greece