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Full Version: hello from tel aviv israel
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dr 800 sl 1993.

trouble is its running like hell, with lots of little faults to repair.

never stops!

i must start do something about it.

hope to get some help here.
Welcome Oded! ask and you shall receive! :wave:
Ma Nishma Oded?. Is the sea& sun hostel still open and the "midnight run" bar around the corner?.I worked in Tel Aviv 20 years ago,and was staying there.Used to drink at the bustop bar also, on the end of the beachfront towards Yaffo.Probably long gone now?.......
Wife and I were in Jerusalem about 7 years ago and our tour guide was ex army(obviously!) and his name was Oded Cohen,who was strangely enough into his bikes. love Isreal!................Ade


Yeah, what Ade just said..... welcome ! Thumbup
my sister used to live in bat yam now she has moved north to hadera,i must visit again soon,i love that country.