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Full Version: I'd like to see a Dr in the flesh!
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Hello to all you Dr owners, it was suggested I say hello on here as I'm hoping someone out there is local to me and wouldn't mind showing me a Dr in the flesh! I've seen the ads on eBay, there's even one on gumtree but Carrigfurgus is a bit of a way to go and look at a bike, tho I did buy my present bike from Twickenham, so maybe it's not? If anyone out there lives in the northwest, preferably near Sale, Cheshire, and wants to show off their Dr, please make contact.
Cheers, Pete.


Devon any good, for a DR in bits.....................I'll get my coat Wink
Hi Pete, I'm down the M56, J14...with a collection of DR's, all modified in one way or another.
send me a pm,