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Full Version: dr 800--sr43 wanted
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wanted dr800 sr43
You just missed a nice one :think:
yea but thats fate---ifancy the one on gumtree,but such a hassle viewing it then getting it back this weather if its ok.im tempted to have it sent here by van without vieving it but then how should i arrange the financal bit?---bob advises against buying without viewing.
There is one for sale over here on gumtree ,low miles Thumbup
thats the one i quite fancied---still londonderry is rather along way and difcult to reach from here (essex) belfast would have been easy---still its gone now --it would have gone while i was on route to see it---- ones bound to turn up soon.....
Did you contact the seller then ??? it"s not that far up the road ,you can get the train from Belfast straight there .
i see its back on gumtree---i dont really know how to proceed with this.--- perhaps you could ring me and advise--- i will send you my phone number
I had spoken to the guy about 3 months ago and he was looking to much for it then ,i think he said £1600 /£1700 at the time .He doesn"t seem to know a lot about bikes and was telling me how he had spent hundreds on new cables and bits and bobs .When were you talking to him ??? it was on for sale about 3 days ago here .You hae to factor in the cost of getting it home.Around £100 would be the cheapest more like £150 on top of the price of the bike .
yeah ive been quoted £150 and about 10 days. i had email contact with him last week just a couple of questions about condition etc---he seems a bit paranoid about payment
I have bought a few bikes this way and you are always taking a chance ,i have been lucky as they all turned out to be the way they were described .Could you not fly ino here and ride the bike home ,that way if it"s a piece of shite you only wasted £30 plane fare .get him to send you more detailed pics .I could go and look at it for you but i am working until Sunday morning , It"s a 150 mile round trip for me .I would get more info from him .If there was a way to go ahead we could get the bike to me ,i"m 10 miles from the port of larne and 10 miles from Belfast .You could then lift it when it suited you or i use a courier who could get it to you for £120 ish .
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