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Full Version: Suzuki XF650 brake disc
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Can anyone help? I have an XF650 freewind, it desperately needs a new front disc and my bike mechanic ( who is excellent) cannot get one. Its been on order now for three months. He has cross referenced the part number with other suzuki discs but to no avail. Has anyone else had this problem and how was it overcome, if at all?
Many thanks
Phone Robinsons 01227 454366
Part no 59210-04F00 £141
Quote my name for 10% off
They should get it within 3 days
Should be the same disc as DR 650 RS RSE ? bolt pattern & diameter are the same.
I think part of the problem is that the disc is on the right on the Freewind, and on the left on the DR650, so nothing matches up in catalogues
I would be surprised if they didn`t just take a DR wheel and turn it through 180
The 650 wheel is the same as the 800SM wheel
Nothing matches in the EBC catalogue
Goldfren list one for the breakwind, 650 & 800 as the same fitment.
Hi, I think this disc is correct, but it's solid and not a floater, I've fitted one to my DR and it's excellent.

ebay item .... 190785172508

I`m sure it`s a lot better than the EBC shite I bought for my 800.
What pads are you using with it?
Hi Bob, don't laugh....but I bought them from the States with a carbon steel disc set, before I found the Brembo disc......kevlar compound, made in Argentina....no manufacturers name!
I thought I would give them a try first before I binned them and they are good, wet or dry, so they are staying on.

ps. that bound to start a debate!
Ooooh er.........but if they work....................