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Full Version: SR43B Screen
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Suzuki RRP £152.61!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Robinsons on 01227454366 will do you a new one for £76.30
Still way too much for twenty pence worth of plastic

Skidmarks will do you one for £39.95


If you don't mind a schratch i' have one for e15 and e10.25 shiping [ to UK ] and a lot more parts Wink


Got the rear mudgaurd [ you mean the platic bit?], rear tail light and number plate light, those will be e22.50.

dont have tank fairings in good condition Wink


Send me a PM with your adres and so on, hope your not in a real hurry cause its freesing down here and have to work in the cold if you are Wink

Got a lot more for the SR43 so if you need some thing else Wink