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Full Version: DR800 Wanted
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Now sorted - see DR800 thread...

You might struggle to find one over here in good condition Geoff. Most will have been either run into the ground or had a hard life. Also, people tend to hang onto them for years as well (I have six! :o ). There was a glut of Italian imports in good nick a few years ago, but not many are brought over now. Your best best is Germany, as they only use them 6 months of the year and when it`s sunny usually. It was a very popular bike due to the insurance they have in Germany, which is divided into 3 categories: up to 27hp, up to 50hp, and over 50hp, and that`s it! So Suzuki designed the DR 750/800 to be 49.9hp for Germany and sold thousands of them, as it was a big bike in the lower insurance group. Suzuki did it by using a milder camshaft, which is easy to change. The uk 750 was 52hp and the 800 53hp. Yamaha sold zillions of SR500`s for the same reason as it was 26hp and so dead cheap for new riders. We got the SR from about 1978-80, whereas in Germany it was being sold up till 2006 or so!
It would be easier to win one on German ebay and fly over on a budget flight. As the bike is an EU model, it just needs a MOT and a form filling in to get an age related plate.
Plenty of DR`s for sale today http://fahrzeuge.shop.ebay.de/Motorrader...86.c0.m282
Use babelfish.com to translate
Good luck


a friend of mine has a real niece 750 1989 fore sale here in Holland in the right collars orange/white.

55000km, new balancer and cam chain, camshaft and rockers, oil and filter, chain and sprockets, steal front brake hose, air filter, gas and km cabel..
All done with my help so the egine is like new Wink
Just a bit oil cosumption..

The roadbook holder ans so are not included and the windscreen will be a origenal..

He asks e1350..


Thanks for the info folks.

I'm not in a hurry (and I know this is being a bit of a tart) but I prefer the look of the post '91 800 so I'll hold out for a while to see if one of those turns up (the one on the german ebay link looks quite good).
I see a '90 800 has appeared on ebay in Ireland today as well.

I've had a variety of bikes before and always work on them myself but is there anything I should be looking out for in particular on the DR when buying?

Thanks again - Geoff
Nothing really in particular to look out for as they are pretty simple in design. Check the fuel tank under the plastics, as Suzuki put the thinnest coat of paint imagineable on them and they have been known to rust quite badly. Also, they are not obtainable any more. I sold the last new one about four years ago. Paint flaking off the frame is normal as they all do it. Why they painted them white in the first place is beyond me.


BigBob Wrote:I sold the last new one about four years ago.
To me :D
Occassionally a UK model will pop up, I'm on my second UK SM model currently showing 18k :mrgreen:


http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Suzuki-Dr-800-S-Dr...1e5aca343d was this the one you saw in Ireland


I didn't see that one until it had sold.

The one I was talking about was here:


There is also an 'optimisticly' priced 750 on bike trader in London


That 800 is the 1990 SL model, which essentially is the same as the 89 750 with 6mm longer stroke engine. The one you are after is the next years model. I prefer the 1990 model myself but we`re all different.
The 750 is an Italian import by the look of the graphics and condition, so they won`t have paid much for it, and they are asking double what it`s worth.
Incidentally, the Italian government gives you £1000 towards your new bike if you scrap your old one. So the punters hand over their old bike at trade in time, and the dealer sells it on to the UK or wherever and notifies the government he`s scrapped it. Nice little earner.


Interesting - is it only the German market models that have reduced power or other european countries.
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