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Wiring loom wanted for 750SK.
Don`t mind a 800SL or a 750 SJ, but must be in good condition
Mine has fried itself and I don`t have a spare
Good condition switches to match would also help


Dont know if this is any good for you Thumbup

Yeah, I saw that thanks.
As condition is unknown I`ll assume it`s not fit for the purpose
BOB PM sent
I may have one Bob in amongst my collection of shit...oops! I mean useful spares. I am not sure if it was very sound & certainly have no idea if it was working prior to removal. I had planned to use it as a pattern for a new one on my "proposed" project. I you have no luck finding a good one then let me know & will fish it out of the Canal & give it a good check over, who knows it may get you out the poop.

Dr Beer

In the process of taking one off right now, let me know if still looking

Yep, still looking
mine was posted today should be with me tomorrow or wed ,let you know condition

Dr Beer

See how you get on with spens but the one I took off last night was 100% complete. no alterations and all terminals/connectors intact, no bare wires anywhere. Not sure of model though, I sure you no better than me :ugeek: lol.
just let me know
All the best
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