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Full Version: 800/750
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Wanted 750/800 big anyone selling any cheers. Stef
Where do you live Stef ?


Hi nug I'm up on the Wirral mate
I asked you that before I think ? :think: Sorry mate I am going senile Banghead I may need to sell one of mine soon if things don't pick up :tdown:


I know how you feel with the senile thing mate ,got me eye on the ones on eBay at the moment ,to be honest though I haven't got a clue as to what sort of money they go for.If you decide to let one of yours go give me a shout cheers.
The guy selling 3 on Ebay is not that far from me & we have been chucking a few Emails back & forth this week. He is a good bloke. They will fetch over 1k without too much trouble & a good one is worth more than that.


I'll let the red 1989 DR750 go for £800 if you're interested.
I have to keep her indoors happy.
Less than that and I'll keep it and put up with the earache.
Thats a deal Mark ....must be a taker on here ?