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Full Version: Better braking????
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Hi all, does anyone know of a fork tube swap I can do to get dual disk ??? These things just don't stop! :o
Could probably fit an Africa twin or Super Tenere front end but to be honest it would be easier to get an over sized disc conversion with a suitable larger caliper like the Hessler kit/conversion.
These things do stop.
It`s very probable that your caliper is seized up and needs stripping and the seals replacing, and a set of OE pads installed.
Suzuki pads and bandit master cylinder .mine will chuck you over the bars no worries :wtf:
Mine stops well with standard pads and braided brake lines.

What year/model Bandit master cylinder are you guys using?
1200 bandit
Does the 1200 Bandit MC improve both the SR41 and SR43 or just one or t'other?
As mentioned, steel barided lines, strip and rebuild caliper, new pads should have ye working. Flush all hydraulic systems min yearly is my advice Cyg!
If yer still not happy then pay Mister H alot wedge for some aftermarket kit that works well. Tbh the stock kit in fine fettle seems to keep most happy!


Thanks for the replies, I did re-do the caliper piston seals etc,etc. the disk and pads are good but I still keep ALOT of distance between me and whatever's in front!
Does anyone have a link to where I can look for upgrades? Thanks.
Hi there,

a member from the german BIG-Forum converted a SR43 with Africa Twin forks and brakes:


The site is in german only, but google or bing might be helpful.

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